The Digital Creative Process

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During my time in Australia it surprised me how few people in the media industry actually knew how websites and other online media went from that initial wish and idea through to an all singing and dancing live website or application. And some of the agencies that I talked to did not have a web design and build process to work to either. Pretty troubling in this day and age.

So I produced this process overview to help introduce a particular staged approach to designing and building online media. It’s nothing new of course and widely used by most creative and digital agencies, albeit with different stage names and sometimes a stage or two more. My process here was originally formulated by us at Object1 way back at the turn of the century (and that feels quite strange to write!) and has of course evolved somewhat, but essentially works to keep everyone within a structured approach. yes, there are other methodologies and processes that could suit you better. Agile for one. but I thought I’d share this to help those who’d like to know how things generally work, those in need of a process and clients who could do with some more knowledge about what’s going on.

I have included example outputs for each stage, responsibilities and some key things to be aware of. it doesn’t purport to cover everything but I hope you find it of some use and happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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