It’s fascinating and thrilling to be part of the creation of any campaign or longer-term strategy and I love to get involved as early as possible, always looking to bring to the team and thinking new ideas and innovations as appropriate.

I’ll explain how you can use existing digital channels, and bring you new ideas about the cool stuff just peeping over the horizon, so that you can engage with your customers and give them what they need. No need to avoid the world of social media – embrace it, make customers feel part of your brand, increase their loyalty and let them have a say. There are great ways of engaging with them without hacking them all off!

Any strategy that I suggest will fit in with your broader marketing plan and message too, so that it meets your objectives successfully.

What it all comes down to is co-operation. I have worked on both sides of the creative / media fence, and so know one thing for sure, when creative and media agencies work as a team right from the start, then everyone’s project world is a far better place.

Services and Outputs
  • Campaign & social media strategy
  • Ideas generation & knowledge share
  • Provide structure to bring the vision to life
  • Social Business introduction & implementation
  • Brand & user focused thinking
  • Identifying new avenues & channels
  • Encouraging the use of new technology
  • Requirements gathering
  • Expert reviews and analysis
  • Internal staff & client presentations
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