Working together

The Digital World is constantly changing, improving and, let’s face it, sometimes getting rather in the way of day to day life socially and in our professional world. I have been working within this realm since the late nineties and so have gained a pretty vast knowledge across the board and expertise in several areas that will help you with your overall strategy and campaigns, and how your users interact with you within all media, not just the social world. I can also help your organisation to adapt and improve, transforming and innovating in this digitally disrupted world.

Please have a look through the four key service areas below, all of which do crossover and integrate on many levels. And I am always up for a challenge further to all of this if your needs warrant us both learning something brand new together.

Innovation, Transformation & Strategy

Fine buzzwords all. But it is not just about coming up with new ideas and being creative. Although this is a wonderful part of it all. I love the ideas creation process but these must then be well implemented and exploited.

User Experience

UX is not just about knocking together sitemaps and wireframes. Knowing who your users are and what they want to achieve is vital when creating your new mobile app, website and so forth, but also very much when deciding strategy and how your organisation operates.

Agency and Client Management

I have created and run digital departments, enhancing how we do things and hopefully giving my colleagues a fine environment to enjoy and flourish in. And have always had direct client relationships, enhancing and growing these on an account and campaign level.

Design and Production

Social media, mobile, tablets, our sturdy friend the website, online ads, outdoor screens and the like. Posters, flyers, brochures and lots of video. I have been responsible for the conception, design and build of many of the above over the last fifteen years.


I like to create and tell stories, based very much on research and fact, and with a keen eye on who your customers and users are. But of course also with a view of what is going on right now that you might not know about and what could well be coming up in the future that can enhance your offering and enrich your users.

So we can tell the story of our new campaign, website, mobile app, customer engagement and process improvement through a series of exercises and workshops that are inclusive of your own teams and of course our external users. Reports, personas, journeys and interactive prototypes are just some examples of things that feed into and grow out of this story journey, with the key to it all to be flexible, inclusive and basically being a very good facilitator, listener and observer.