Yahoo EPL highlights launch
Towards the end of 2010 Yahoo launched their English Premier League highlights viewable online via the Yahoo sports portal. I worked with the San Francisco agency Goodby, Silverstein and Partners to create their launch campaign and promote the highlight package.

The idea revolved around the fact that our users may have missed watching a match, but Yahoo didn’t. Two advertisements were shot to put this idea across, for example, one had our ‘hero’ having to go shoe shopping with his girlfriend on a Saturday, the other was a trip to an IKEA like shop on match day. I helped produce the film shoots with the production agency Stink and these were done incredibly well by all within the space of just a week, from commission to final edit.

I also project directed the creation and production of the online advertising suite that would house these videos and the other various online ad units that would be trafficked through Double-Click and produced the wireframes / storyboards for the ads. The big challenge was the fact that each of the Ad units, video and non-video alike, had to be updated each Sunday night with new text, video and imagery as appropriate, based on how the games went over the weekend and the footage supplied to us by The Premier League. This meant for a rather hectic weekend for all concerned but one the successfully led to all ads being ready on the Monday, changing each Sunday over a ten week period.

All in all I was the central point for the six companies involved, Yahoo, Goodbys, Stink, Double-Click, Neo & the EPL.