Me standing by the workshop whiteboard full of post-it notes.


Streetline is a social media based mobile app created to enable users to easily share opinions, feelings and memories on news, places and topics, as well as having these opinions ranked alongside others as part of their own personal overall Streetline. This Streetline can be voted on by other users and so needs tendering and looking after in order to maintain its standing and credibility.

The most important things in your life as voted for by others then.

I led the ideas generation, scoping and User Experience on this, taking a very unformed product idea initially and turning it into a fully interactive mobile Axure prototype. This process commenced with a workshop scoping and collaborative design day, leading to me defining a few routes that the product could take. Personas, User Journeys and the prototype were then created by me from this, with a clean and clear prototype companion document produced to inform the marketing of the product as well as the design and development teams.

Streetline is still evolving as write this and has morphed into a differently named product, but the initial journey that I undertook on it was a brilliant challenge and importantly a lot of fun.