Image of SnapDonate screens ona phone with the logo to the right and explanatory text.


SnapDonate is a wonderful new way of being able to donate to hundreds of charities whilst on the go. Or indeed to save until later and donate at your leisure. The superb innovation is that it turns your phone into a ‘magic lens’ meaning that simply pointing your phone camera at a charity logo recognises the charity and starts the donation process. No camera clicking and whatnot involved!

So if you were moved say by a charity advert on a train home then you could ‘snap’ the logo and start donating then and there. Or if you were watching your friend in a marathon and had forgotten to support him or her then snap the nearest logo and give away. Or if you pass a charity ‘chugger’!

I worked as the UX Lead on this with BoldRocket who came up with the original idea, and Putitout who built the app for Android and iPhone. My role was to run the requirements and User Experience workshops, create the user journeys, sitemap and a working prototype for both phone systems that you could use and test within the phones themselves, as well as within a desktop browser.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this, with an excellent, fun and professional team and look forward to its continued success and growth.

The website and video for the app can be found at: Snapdonate website.