Bankers Almanac Prototype screen.
I have had a long association with the excellent Brighton based agency Cubeworks and so was very happy to work as part of their team on producing a somewhat complex and very interactive Axure prototype for Bankers Almanac.

Bankers Almanac has for over 160 years provided solutions to help financial professionals make payments, conduct due diligence, assess credit risk and carry out financial research on the world’s banks. They have had a web based system for their users to find the information that they need for many years and wanted to revamp this and make it easier to use.

I worked on the project as a user experience consultant, firstly conducting key staff interviews before then sketching the new information architecture in draft form. Finally I built an interactive Axure prototype for them to test on various members of their user groups. The prototype utilises many very nice interactions in order to reflect how the new system could work in the real world. I also managed two other user experience professionals and a business analyst on this project.